Presenting the Article to Video API

Welcome to the Article Video Robot API Developer Guide!

The API is a web service that transforms your text, blog posts, articles, pictures, music, and text into fully animated videos with voice-over, animation and graphics. 

Using this API you can now 100% automate the video creation process using your own PHP code (and without requiring any user interaction).

Who will find this API useful?

You will find the API useful if:

  • You want to integrate Article video robot with your own site or software.
  • You want to co-brand Article Video Robot and sell it under a different name to your users.
  • You are a developer who wants to create marketing videos for another web service.
  • You are Wordpress plugin developer who wants to write a plugin to convert blog posts into videos.
  • You want to automate your Article Video Robot account with PHP code.

What kind of videos can I make with this API?

The videos are exactly the same as those created using the Article-To-Video wizards. These output videos can be embedded on your blog pages, downloaded to your server or uploaded to YouTube.

What kind of technical knowledge is required for using this API?

If you are outsourcing your API development to a third party, make sure they meet the following criteria;

  • Programmer who knows how to make HTTP requests using languages like PHP, Perl or Java.
  • Server with cURL support (optional).

How much time does it take to integrate this API?

Provided you have knowledge of PHP or know somebody who does, you should be able to integrate it in your own website or softwarre in less than 1 hour. The code samples provided below just need your username/password and can be used as-is in 99% of cases without any tweaking!

How much does it cost to use this API?

You will need Article Video Robot Enterprise account for API access. Enterprise account contains all features of business account plus the API access. 

There are two available options:

  • Monthly billing:
    • Priced at $197 / month.
    • You get all the features of a business account + API access.
    • You can make up to 300 videos per month using the API. 
  • Yearly billing:
    • Priced at $1470 / year.
    • Huge saving of 38% (compared to monthly billing).
    • You can make up to 3600 videos per year using the API.

If you require more videos or need a custom solution, please contact us and we will make sure to find a solution that fits your needs. 

Can I see some sample code or the API in action?

Yes, we have set up full API documentation with PHP code samples. Click the button below for more details!

See full API Documentation and Code Samples

I have some questions before ordering. Whom should I contact?

You can contact our support desk here. We will even help you with the integration if something isn't working.

So how do I begin?

You can start by ordering an Article Video Robot enterprise account (see the button below). Then send the link to the API documentation and code samples to your programmer to begin integration and testing. Once the integration is complete, just drop us a line so we can re-imburse you any video credits that you may have used during setup / testing (maximum 50).

What is the refund policy for Article Video Robot Enterprise account?

The Article Video Robot Enterprise account comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. We are on your side and if you aren't getting a return on your investment we'd want to refund your money.

Start by Ordering an Article Video Robot Enterprise account!

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