Video Marketing: Optimizing YouTube video accounts for better traffic and video hits

In this quick post, we'll discuss a useful video marketing tip often not taken seriouly - the pros and cons of using different YouTube video accounts for your various niches that your marketing online through videos. Not limited to YouTube, but you could certainly use multiple video accounts for each individual video site supported by ArticleVideoRobot.

When to use different video accounts?

  1. Use separate YouTube accounts for your top product or service. A separate video account means a separate YouTube Video Channel. People generally search for the product or the service name when they lookup information in YouTube, hence creating a separate video YouTube Video Channel ensures very high targetted traffic

  2. You're an internet marketer who promotes many disparate products or services.

  3. The video site banned your video account. Create a new account in such case. Though the ban might be temporary, its no good if you're backlisted even once. However, make sure you cut down the marketing message in your videos when you create the new account

When NOT to use different video accounts?

  1. You're confined to a single product or service but find less video hits or traffic and decide to create a new account. Hold it! with proper promotion of your YouTube Channel (via your blog, Twitter,  and social networking sites) you could certainly bring in great traffic.

So what is the big benefit of using different video accounts? Its targeted traffic  - your chances of sales are higher through your video marketing rather distract subscribers to your channel with publishing videos that might not be necessary to them.  If you have a winner product or service , then go for separate video accounts and see your internet video marketing drive more traffic and some good sales!


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