How to become an expert at video marketing

Everyone fantasizes about being something or doing something few have ever done. You thought you could be the next President of the United States or you thought you could bake a better hotdog than your little sister, or you dreamed you could blow a bigger bubble gum bubble than Billy in second grade.

Well, I can safely guarantee you that millions of internet users have great video intentions. They've been planning for months or even years to begin making videos and submitting them to online video sites. Maybe you're one of those soon to be famous filmmakers. Some want to make videos for fun, for family, or just for laughs. Others want to promote a cause, whether it be their own cause or some other charity or organization. Then, a third group have their own business or are online affiliates who want to push a product or service. But there are always terrific excuses for why you've never done it. You need a face lift first, or you want to take speech lessons from Adolf Hitler, you fired your last scriptwriter, or you need a new teleprompter. What's your excuse, pal?

Well, I've got a solution that will wipe away all your excuses in one fell swoop. It's called Article Video Robot. It's the easiest and quickest way ever to make a video. You just copy and paste your words into a box, select a backdrop, choose a font, select some background music, and then choose a voice or voices that will read your text on the video.

That's all there is to it. It's so easy, a caveman could do it. Oops, sorry. You're probably sick and tired of that line. Anyway, not only will the website produce your video, but it will automatically send it to multiple video sites online. I'm telling the truth, Ruth. This is for real, Neal. So, reach for the crank, Hank, and get up and go. Article Video Robot: the coolest video maker online.


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