Can I create coupon codes for my list?

You can create your own affiliate coupon codes with our coupon generator. You can access your coupon generator from your affiliate wizard.
This coupon will not only offer a discount to your members, but will also help us track the sale back to you.

How can I share this coupon on YouTube?

One innovative way to use this coupon code is through videos itself. You can embed your coupon code to your videos any of your viewers can use it to signup with a discount. As you can choose your own coupon code, a catchy coupon code can bring you more sales than an affiliate link.

How can I share this coupon on Facebook?

You can also post your coupons to sites like as well. these sites rank very high if someone is searching for a coupon code. Another good idea is to create a Facebook page about it. You can also offer this coupon code to your list for a Facebook like or tweet as well.


“How to become an affiliate .. to promote this product ..?”

Bharath Patel Bharath Patel (10:31 AM)

“Want to find out more on becoming an affiliate”

Doug Ison Doug Ison (14:56 PM)

“All you need to is to signup with a free account. You can find the affiliate area within your Member's Area.
We offer 50% recurring affiliate commission for every sale you'll ever make.”

San Kumar San Kumar (12:02 PM)

“I need an affiliate link”

Chantal Piscopo Chantal Piscopo (20:18 PM)

“@Chantal: As I posted in my last response, you can signup for a free account and create your own affiliate link from within the Member's Area.
You can also get a complimentary account with 3 sales!”

San Kumar San Kumar (01:49 AM)

“more Info Please”

Peter Sauer Peter Sauer (01:32 AM)
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